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Keeping the outdoor pest outdoors and out of your home is what we do. Using modern methods and products we create an invisible barrier around your home to stop pests from entering the home.


All our methods and products are safe for humans and pets, registered with the EPA and thoroughly vetted by us to meet the highest standards for safety and effectiveness.

The modern products we use – synthetic botanicals – are very effective and very safe for humans and pets. However, synthetic botanicals are not very persistent and only last about 60 days. This is a feature to prevent the buildup high concentrations of insecticides and become detrimental to the environment. 

Perimeter Treatments

Ants and roaches that live outdoors and wander indoors in search of food and shelter are 99% of all indoor pest problems. Our home pest service is designed to prevent outdoor pests from entering your home. We do this by creating an invisible insecticidal barrier – 3’ up and 3’ out – completely around the exterior of your home.

Pests in the Home

If you have pests in the home, we will identify the pest and develop an action plan to eliminate the pests using the smallest chemical footprint possible. Most interior treatments are nothing more than a dime-sized bait applied out of sight and reach of children and pets.

Our Service

Once we have eliminated the existing pests and applied the perimeter spray, you should be free from the outdoors invading your home for 60 days. Should you have any pest invade your home during that time, we can easily target and eliminate the invader – at no additional charge.

Schedule and Price

We recommend six applications per year. The price for an average home is $65 - $75 per application.


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