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A healthy lawn is good for you and the environment. To keep your lawn healthy and protect the environment, we use organic methods and products and when necessary, we use safe, effective modern products to stop the threat to your lawn.


All our methods and products are safe for pets and humans, registered with the EPA, and thoroughly vetted for use on Pinellas Lawns.

Products and schedules are selected by our staff agronomist for Pinellas lawns. The scheduled six (6) applications per year supply all the nutrients to keep your lawn healthy, protected from insects, and provide excellent weed and disease control.   

Nutrient Management

We fertilize every application to keep your lawn healthy, green and lush with no impact on surrounding ecosystems or environment.

Chinch Bug Control and More

We use botanical insecticides during the warm season months to control turf pests – chinch bugs, sod webworms, grubs, mole crickets and more.

Weed Control

For weeds, we apply an herbicide every application - weeds are a recurring problem and we do not have a permanent solution. All we can do is treat the weeds we see when we are there. We are like a maid service when it comes to weeds - the lawn gets dirty, we clean it up - rinse and repeat to infinity.

Disease Control

For disease we use organic and cultural controls and when there is a severe disease, we will apply a fungicide to eliminate the threat.

Shrub, Tree and Palm Care

When we service the lawn, we believe the shrubs, trees, and palms all benefit from that activity and rarely if ever need additional care. However, should you have a problem with a particular shrub, tree, or palm, we can address that on a per-need basis.

Schedule and Price

We recommend six applications per year. The price for an average lawn is $70 - $80 per application.


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